Translation Services

Get your documents translated by one click only through the following steps:

A. Send a software copy of your document to the following email:

B. Call the mobile number (77718306) to confirm sending the file and specify the deadline.

C. Your translated document will be sent to the received email or come to receive it in the address specified.

Brilliant Diamond, as a certified office of translation by UNESCO and with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen, provides the service of translating any of the following documents:
1) Any project of any organization or company, related to humanitarian aids or others.
2) Commercial Agreements, Contracts, or Letters of any kind
3) Certificate of Birth, ID Card, Family Card, Passport, and so on.
4) Legal Bond of Marriage and relevant documents
5) Medical Reports
6) Papers and Abstracts of Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Students.
7) Any legal Documents, including court documents, Instruments of Ownership, Articles of Association, and so on.
8) Any academic materials
9) Financial Documents
10) Books of any major
11) CV, Covering Letters, Recommendation Letters, Motivation Letters, and so on.
12) Websites
13) Manuals
14) Voice records or voiceovers
15) Subtitles
16) Others

Translation Service

Translating any project or document in English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, …etc.

Studies Service

Ceating any corpus for students conducting a corpus-based translation study.

Training Service

Training students of translation or naive translators to be professional, by means of CAT Tools and other techniques.

TMs Service

Creating Translation Memories for any project or individual translations.

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