Brilliant Diamond, as a certified office of translation by UNESCO and with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Yemen, provides the service of translating any of the following documents:
1) Any project of any organization or company, related to humanitarian aids or others.
2) Commercial Agreements, Contracts, or Letters of any kind
3) Certificate of Birth, ID Card, Family Card, Passport, and so on.
4) Legal Bond of Marriage and relevant documents
5) Medical Reports
6) Papers and Abstracts of Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Students.
7) Any legal Documents, including court documents, Instruments of Ownership, Articles of Association, and so on.
8) Any academic materials
9) Financial Documents
10) Books of any major
11) CV, Covering Letters, Recommendation Letters, Motivation Letters, and so on.
12) Websites
13) Manuals
14) Voice records or voiceovers
15) Subtitles
16) Others

Editing & Proofreading/ Quality Control Services

We provide Editing & Proofreading/ Quality Control Services. Editing is the process of making corrections such as grammar, writing rules, and format by preserving the context and meaning of the source file. This process requires extensive knowledge of grammar and writing rules, whereas peer control and correction of the source and target text are performed during Proofreading/ Quality Control and processes. Thus, we check the target file for any type of errors or untranslated sections before delivery. In this process, target file is screened for mistakes and for its appropriateness in terms of style and smoothness of the target language.

Home/Office delivery Service

For making procedures easier and faster for those who are busy and cannot attend to have their documents from the office of Brilliant Diamond, it is our pleasure to deliver the translated documents to any specified address of home or office anytime.

Paraphrasing Services

We make Paraphrasing service available as it is simply rewriting the text with different phrases and words, preserving content and meaning. The process of re-writing all the text and individual phrases while preserving their meaning requires both perfect command of the source and target language and technical expertise in the required field.

Urgent Translation Service

Brilliant Diamond provides the service of the Urgent Translation (in any available language) for our dear clients with our certified or professional translators. However, we supply the fastest translation service without harming or effecting the quality and the integrity of the content. Without physically leaving the house or the office, you can use the Urgent Translation Service by just sending your document to the email of Brilliant Diamond and then call for confirming the deadline of delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime even in holidays and weekends.

Writing Reports Service

It includes field reports, progress reports, society reports, and so on. We can write them all, just send your data in the Source Language and get your excellent report paper, in the same language or in the Target Language, from the best writers in the industry at a reasonable price! So, with us, you won’t have to worry anymore, just send an email and relax.

Recruitment of Translators

Brilliant Diamond makes available the Recruitment of translator service for organizations, companies, incorporations, and whatsoever. If a translator is needed for any institution, just send your requirements, including the needed language, period, experience, age, and any other requirements, and we will provide the suitable translator according to the required need.

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