Translation & Obstacles Solutions

Due to the obstacles faced in the route of translation students and trainee translators in Yemen, Brilliant Diamond Office was established to provide necessary services related to translation. It is for encouraging and elevating the level of translation industry in Yemen, particularly during the current situation. Brilliant Diamond hopes the services provided help to offer fast and good translation and to help those who are interested in being future translators as well as students of translation to be improved through enhancing the theoretical aspect besides the practical one represented by the services of free downloading of e-books and training respectively. Brilliant Diamond hopes success for all, in general, and for translators, in specific, in Yemen.

Main Services

Translation Service

Translating any project or document in English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, …etc.

Studies Service

Ceating any corpus for students conducting a corpus-based translation study.

Training Service

Training students of translation or naive translators to be professional, by means of CAT Tools and other techniques.

TMs Service

Creating Translation Memories for any project or individual translations.

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