Free translation e-books

  1. A Companion to Translation Studies by Piotr Kuhiwczak & Karin Littau.
  2. A Practical Guide for Translators by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown
  3. A Textbook of Translation by Peter Newmark
  4. A to Z of Arabic-English-Arabic Translation by Ronak Husni & Daniel L. Newman
  5. Approaches to Translation by Peter Newmark
  6. Arabic Poetry by Muhsin J. al-Musawi
  7. Becoming a Translator by  Douglas Robinson
  8. Beyond Descriptive Translation Studies by Anthony Pym and others
  9. Contexts in Translating by Eugene A. Nida
  10. Contexts, Subtexts and Pretexts by Brian James Baer
  11. Description In Classical Arabic Poetry by Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych
  12. Early Theories of Translation by Flora Ross Amos
  13. Exploring Translation Theories by Anthony Pym
  14. Fundamental Aspects of Interpreter Education by David B. Sawyer
  15. How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator by Corinne McKay
  16. Iberian Studies on Translation and Interpreting (New Trends in Translation Studies) by Dr Jorge Díaz Cintas
  17. In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation by Mona Baker
  18. Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications by Jeremy Munday
  19. Introduction to the Problems of Legal Theory by  Hans Kelsen
  20. Learning Machine Translation by Cyril Goutte and others
  21. Literary Translation: A Practical Guide by Clifford E. Landers
  22. Machine Translation by Pushpak Bhattacharyya
  23. Machine Translation: An Introductory Guide by Douglas Arnold and others
  24. Nation, Language, and the Ethics of Translation by E m i l y  A p t e r
  25. Performing without a Stage: The Art of Literary Translation by Robert Wechsler
  26. Postcolonial Translation: Theory and Practice by Susan Bassnett & Harish Trivedi
  27. Readings in Machine Translation by Sergei Nirenburg and others
  28. Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies by Mona Baker and Gabriela Saldanha
  29. Teaching and Researching Translation by Basil Hatim
  30. Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies by Claudia V. Angelelli & Holly E. Jacobson
  31. The Art of Translation by Jiří Levý
  32. The Interpreter’s Resource by Mary Phelan
  33. The Oxford History of Literary Translation in English by Peter France & Stuart Gillespie
  34. The Qurʾān in Context by Gerhard Böwering & Jane Dammen McAuliffe
  35. The Quran: an Encyclopedia by Oliver Leaman
  36. The Theory and Practice of Translation by Eugene A. Nida
  37. The Translation Studies Reader by Lawrence Venuti
  38. The Translator as Communicator by Basil Hatim and Ian Mason
  39. The Translator’s Invisibility by Susan Bassnett & André Lefevere
  40. Thinking Arabic Translation: A Course in Translation Method: Arabic to English by James Dickins and others
  41. Toward a Science of Translating by  Eugene Nida
  42. Translating Law by Deborah Cao
  43. Translation and Conflict by Mona Baker
  44. Translation and Globalization by Michael Cronin
  45. Translation as Problems and Solutions by Hasan Ghazala
  46. Translation in Global News by Esperança Bielsa & Susan Bassnett
  47. Translation Studies by Susan Bassnett
  48. Translation: An advanced resource book by Basil Hatim & Jeremy Munday
  49. Voices in Translation by Gunilla Anderman
  50. Reflections on Translation by Susan Bassnett
  51. Evaluation in Translation by Jeremy Munday
  52. Where Human Meet Machines by  Judith A. Markowitz & Amy Neustein

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