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    Why Brilliant Diamond?

    Brilliant Diamond attempts to be a distinguished Language Service Provider (LSP) in Yemen, in terms of providing rocket speed translations, of high quality and accuracy, and with strict confidentiality. Above all, Brilliant Diamond is distinguished by means of the following techniques:

    1-Translation Management Technology

    Brilliant Diamond attempts to design its own project translation management application, which consists of a modular set of applications, specifically designed to ease project management burdens manually associated with the translation process. By streamlining workflow processes, giving stakeholders direct access to project status reports, managing editing processes, and maintaining editing work, Brilliant Diamond will accelerate and facilitate the entire translation process from receipt and delivery. The end outcome is improved translation quality, faster deadlines, reduced workload and significant cost savings, which could reach thousands of dollars.

    2- Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)

    Brilliant Diamond

    Brilliant Diamond uses leading Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools to facilitate the reuse of previously translated content saved in its translation memory (TM). Translation memory helps organizations and companies reduce costs and deadlines by increasing overall translation consistency. Benefits in this regard increases over time and the fundamentals of Brilliant Diamond’s (cloud-based translation memory) grows more, which ensures centralized translation memory, as well as terminology databases of Brilliant Diamond manages its glossaries.

    3- Machine Translation (MT)

    Nowadays, organizations and companies need to deal with large volumes of content that have never been seen earlier in an amazing array of systems and channels that are mind boggling – at lightning speed. In addition, many of these content should be available in multiple languages. Thus, artificial intelligence is used in translating such large volumes to help clients get their contents translated, that are rapidly expanding by integrating the best types of neural machine translation techniques with best practical approaches to deliver content with the most efficient image and to improve methods of Brilliant Diamond work.

    4- Privacy and Confidentiality

    Brilliant Diamond retains all of your details in a very confidential manner, which does not appear to anyone, except the translators at Brilliant Diamond Office. We usually retain copies of the documents we have translated, and if the client loses them or later needs them, the client may ask Brilliant Diamond to send a copy or to delete all of its files, if requested

    5- Urgent Translation Service

    Brilliant Diamond provides the service of the Urgent Translation (in any available language) for our dear clients with our certified or professional translators. However, we supply the fastest translation service without harming or effecting the quality and the integrity of the content. Without physically leaving the house or the office, you can use the Urgent Translation Service by just sending your document to the email of Brilliant Diamond and then call for confirming the deadline of delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime even in holidays and weekends.